Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paradise found

I've broken a cardinal rule of blogging by not posting for ages.

In my defense, I've used my time wisely. I've been able to locate paradise. It lives on the Banderas Bay, in Jalisco, Mexico. I had the pleasure of visiting to celebrate the new year, visit with friends, and soak up some topnotch local culture.

What was the best part you ask? Well, I'll say that each element played a crucial role in making this one heck of a holiday. It was the scenery, the friends, the food, the locals etc.

Let's start with the view from our hotel, the Lindo Mar Resort. You'll note that the images they post on the website are what you'll see in my pics. When does that ever happen? But here's what I awoke to each morning:

Yeah, that's right. Those waves lulled us to sleep in the early morning hours. I'll note too that the early morning hours when I was coming in to sleep happened to coincide with the time a number of canadian holiday makers began planting themselves poolside. Enough said though.

Here's something, did you know that this was the very scenery featured in the 1963 film, "Night of the Iguana"? That's right, it lured director, John Huston and inspired a philosophical reckoning. I'm sure you can see why:

I am nearly finished organizing the trips photos. So you can anticipate several additional posts on this holiday, but let this whet your whistle for now.