Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working Mommies + Spring Break = Pile of S*ck

This week SFUSD is on spring break. So no school is in session all week.

Awesome, right? A cherished week of freedom before the homestretch- summer break- is in sight.

But what if you are a working mother? What if you are a working, single mother? Either way, your life this week is a pile of suck. A graduated pile of suck depending on the complexities of your circumstances.

Mommie: I'm bored and you're late for work!

How do I know? Let's just say that I know; I've got first-hand knowledge. Maybe your kid is psyched to have the freedom, he is ready to run wild, sleep-in, stay up late, play with matches, spray pain the cat. I could go on, but you get the picture. And that picture just sent chills up your spine. It should, because it's a horror.

Let me put together a hypothetical set of scenarios:
  1. Spring Break- so no school- what to do with the little one(s) for 6-8 hrs of the day?
  2. Job- yours- 
    • Demanding- or at least demands your presence and undivided attention- that's a challenge given #1
    • Enables the world to go around- food, housing, gets one to school during non-spring break weeks with shoes, lunch dough etc
    • Enables you to pay for the school fundraiser- listen up school!
    • Numerous other reasons why you need to have it
  3. Life Scenarios (Graduated Complications)-
    • Single Mother-  divorced/single/widowed- whatever- you're in it on your own
    • 1+-Multiple Kids- some on spring break, others not- horror now and horror later
    • Job- keep returning to this- you're supposed to travel this week too
    • Decorum- keep it together- you're a mother, a boss, an employee etc- a model for others
    • Children- oblivious to this- as they should be- but they're not helping either
    • Home- keep going- meals, cleaning, laundry- it gets harder given the above points
    • OSO- Off Schedule Operations- it makes life suck- hardcore suck
    • What else? Gosh, I don't know- maybe there is an ex-spouse lurking? Maybe you're got a cold, or...I could go on but this is making the anxiety well in me even...
Full disclosure, I am a post-modern, childless, gay man. But I've seen with my own eyes. So, here's to you ladies. I know it's all on you, and there is no sign this social trend is abating. Evidently in 40% of families the wife/mother/lady is the major bread winner. In some way, some aspect of this is going to fall on you, sister.

To my own mother, who was a working mommie: I know that some spring break past, I made your life more challenging. How about a belated apology and a chai tea latte on me? You still got it all done, and just the right way. I <3 you, lady!

Spring Break = Pile of S*ck
I know I'm broaching the tip of an emotionally and politically charged ice berg. So while I'd love to get some comments going, let's keep in mind this wasn't meant to ignore the trials of any mommie, any where.

To conclude, this one is for all of you mommies at the mercy of SFUSD this week. Here's to you!

Now, what can I do to help?