Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bowl of Strawberries and A Birthday Wish

Today, June 14th, is the natal anniversary of a dear friend. Hello, friend!

Happy Natal Day, Friend!
While I'm bummed I'm not able to deliver this wish in person, I want wish you all the best and a bowl of strawberries on your birthday.

Neither of us is enamoured of bon mots nor of sentimentality, but there's just something about these strawberries on this day that makes me think of you. I hope you enjoy the photo and are able to find some strawberries on your end of the continent.

Strawberries can be frozen, freeze dried, and you can get them off season. But it's never the same. In that way, a bowl of strawberries is just like a good friend. Thank you for sharing some time and space on this blue planet of ours. It turns out that it was fortuitous that I didn't play well with other children, and had plenty of time to go for long walks and study maps. Thus allowing for a common touch and good introduction when we did meet some years later. How long ago was that now?

I'll look forward to seeing you soon. But in the meantime, can we make a plan to enjoy some strawberries today and toast to you?

Hope so.