Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That's the title of the film we saw in Grant Park last night. The Chicago Park District is good enough to sponsor films in the parks across the city during Summer. LV is an avid participant, and hosts a yearly gathering for the final film of the season on the big screen in Grant Park. The film starts at sunset, but the crowd gathered well before:

LV is nothing if not well connected. So he drew a good crowd as usual. Even some I consider to be minor celebs such as the owner of local gourmand emporium Pastoral. Don't ask me to recall the fellow's owner, but as you can see he is dead handsome.

From August 2009

I was pleased to meet some new 'mos from around town. One in particular, who I wish I gotten to chat up a bit more. No matter. As can be expected, harnessing the collective power of 'mos yields a topnotch spread.

From August 2009

I made one of my favourite summer concoctions- Pimms Cups. Don't ask me which number cup, but it was mixed with tonic and a splash of lemonade. Very tasty, light and refreshing. The film, 'Tootsie' was much better than I anticipated with some solid shots of early '80's NYC. In short, a very enjoyable evening.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It Was A Starry Night

In defiance of the weather forecasts, this past Monday's Pat Benatar and Blondie (Debbie Harry) concert was the bomb. Since I'm not actually sure if anyone reads this blog, I'll mention it was at Ravinia about 20 mi north of Chicago.

Ravinia, originally constructed as the Summer venue for the CSO has evolved into a sophisticated multiplex for the arts. Primarily focused on the warmer months, there are year round performances. It is a sylvanian area, and one is greeted by grandeur upon entry:

As part of Ravinia's evolution from sleepy summer venue for the CSO to contemporary multi-faceted multiplex, participation in the experience has been new and bold forms. Simply stated, attendees haul all sorts of stuff, and take picnic table top decor to new heights. If this was NY, I would say people were competing with each other. But in Chicago, I'm thinking they actually enjoy hauling all this stuff in their cars or on the metra.

The most enjoyable part of Ravinia has always been hearing some pretty swell music in the company of good friends. Oh, yes and sharing some wine, cheese and other savouries. I was lucky to attend with EAB, who was treating me to a belated natal day outing:

All told an enjoyable evening. Am I alone in thinking the Blondie looks like Joanna Lumley?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Soon is Now?

Forgive me but it has been well over a fortnight since I've last written.

Really mental exhaustion has kept me from blogging, but that is self defeating really. I blog to relax and unwind. I wonder if anyone does read this blog though.

I have had the pleasure of being out and about with friends. In fact, Sunday last, I managed to catch-up on a long overdue 'date' with a good friend, LV. Typically we have a 'date' the week twixt X-mas and New Years, but something intervened this year, so why not in August? I put date in parenthesis as he has a long standing inamorato. Here are some pics from Agami sushi:

Big and boozy. I am set to try to recreate it, though it involves some intrepid shopping.

We also enjoyed some of the lovely rolls Agami has to offer:

That one's entitled 'Oceanside Drive'. See I do suffer a bit of Nippon-a-philia! This will go well with my Uchida Folding Chair.

Have you noticed that LV choose not be photographed? I wonder about that, but perhaps the poor lad is well aware of my photo capturing abilities.

Next up: a discussion of Debbie Harry. Seriously I have some pics.