Thursday, June 25, 2009


As I promised: a blog posting about the artifacts at the UN. For those of you wondering what a post modern 'mo such as yours truly is doing going on about such things, I tell you that esoterica rocks! The previous entry makes reference to the artifacts displayed around the UN Building, so I am brining some of them to you this evening. This will sound trite and public broadcasting like, but they are as varied and detailed as the nations represented at the UN.

One of the first such items I came across is a fresco from an Orthodox chapel in Bulgaria. What is profound about this depiction is that the individuals gaze toward the viewer. I am told that other religiously themed works from the period (17th century?) obscure the facial features.

Next we travel to China to see a highly detailed ivory carving. This explicitly detailed carving details a developing Shino homeland. It features the traditional Chinese landscape, but also depicts a bullet train that slices across the scene. Yes, all carved in ivory.

On to Jordan for the riches of the fertile crescent:

And lastly, the Security Council Chambers is certainly entitled to some modernist decor. This seems to be an ode to man's liberation from bondage.

Today I noted an article in the ">Home section of the New York Times about living in a time capsule. It featured several couples who comfortably, tidily, happily reside in homes that recall decades past. The same thing can be said of the UN.


Monday, June 22, 2009

International Relations

I like the concept of multi-lateralism. No really. With that in mind, and having a dear friend who must call on the UN as part of her work, it seemed ideal to pay a visit.

I do try to avoid politics in this blog, but I understand that certain members of the 'right wing' (ie gun toters, gold standard advocates) regard the UN as a left wing conspiracy. Fear not libertarian minded readers, I assure this this is no homage to socialism. Well, to the extent that the socialists pay their dues, keep their comments brief and refrain from human rights violations.

The basic premise of the UN is to make sure that we (humanity) get along and refrain from murdering each other. Who could object to that? In this way the UN functions as a museum of what we ought not to do to each other. Among the more provocative artifacts are those from Hiroshima.

It is interesting to ponder that I could rub elbows with the North Koreans here, although they are not referred to as 'North Koreans'. People Powered Democratic something or other is how Kim Jong nomenclates his nation. And for that matter North Koreans are allowed out and about Manhattan and environs within a 25 mile radius. I am sure Manhattan or New Jersey for that matter is a good deal more hospitable on any day than picking raddishes and listening to the lectures of dear leader piped through Big Bro communication instruments.

I have much to say about the retrosche aesthetics of this compound on Manhattan's east side, but I will save that for another post.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Like Central Park In June, How About You?

In spite of the thwarting by United Airlines, LS and I were able to enjoy a sun infused day in NYC.

First stop, was the Ernesto Neto installation at the Park Ave Armoury. The Armoury, once utilitarian as the name implies, has now been devoted to artistic endeavours. Since this was the final day of the exhibit, we were fortunate to get a glimpse.

"Anthro", that's the name of the exhibit, is ostensibly a tribute to the human form and how said form relates to the tactile world. As such, this 'new public space' is highly interactive:

I have to admit to being rather envious of some of most tactile portions of the exhibit, which were solely reserved for the less chronologically challenged amongst us.

Then it was off to an afternoon film at Lincoln Center, but wait! What was squarely in our path? If you guess the Puerto Rican Day Parade, you'd be right on! I should preface this by saying there is nothing remotely Puerto Rican about us either, but that does not mean we weren't able to partake in the festivities.

Then it was off to sip sangria, sample cheeses and celebrate LS' natal anniversary. I was so pleased to be able to share her day, and cannot help but think how fortunate I am to have such 'top drawer' friends. Today, off for a swim, a lunch and a trip to the UN.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Edgewater Lounge

For quite some time now I have been hot under the collar to visit Edgewater Lounge. This had been going on for nearly a year, and it just never worked. I'd had this hunch it was full of sexy dirty hipsters, and while that was not quite the case this evening I still have high hopes. It would seem to be an appropriate haunt for that demo slice

So last week when DK, a talented local writer, swim coach and general jack of all trades wanted to ply me with booze the choice was natural. A maiden voyage for us both. The menu was inviting: they make a fierce bowl of gumbo and a manhattan that can curl your hair. I am told the beer selection is divine too:

All told an adventurous and delightful evening. One could not ask for better company.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maiden Voyage_6.8.09

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Towne Crier!

I hope, for those of you reading, you will find this blog in some way edifying. I did actually give some consideration to the theme of this blog, and in the end I have elected to keep it as 'open source' as possible. In short, let's have this be a record of the things I find to be edifying. I realize that is highly subjective, so this content should be consumed with that in mind.

This chilly day proved not agreeable to spending time at the beach, although I was able to capture a few images (bear with me as I am using a new camera). While we are in the second week of June, you will notice the precipitous absence of tanned, toned, homosexual throngs at Hollywood Beach. Actually note the absence of just about anyone.

I had initially thought I might photograph some of the hordes who line up outside popular brunch spots on Sunday mornings, but I thought better of that idea. While I detest brunch, seriously that will be another blog post, I cannot begrudge others of their pleasures. Nor can I objectify them while they do so. Regardless of how vile I find the endeavor. Did I mention I hate brunch?

It was a fine day for bike-spotting though.