Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Evanston Mash Up- Hang With Those Smarter Than You!

I've been busy guesting at Evanston Live on the Mash Up.

No need to neglect Crier any longer. But, I'm going to make this a concise post.

Quick question- can you spot someone who is smarter than you? If yes, and if this does not cause an existential crisis, then you probably understand that there is much you can learn from these people. The premise is simple: you can learn from people who have knowledge that you don't. Here's a great way to start:

Evanston's Brain Trust Mash Up
  • Visit @EvanstonLive and read the post
  • Attend the Mash Up- tickets are available as of this writing
  • Collaborate with those who are smarter than you- they do exist!
I've spent a good portion of this year seeking opportunities to learn all I can from others. I seek out those I know to be smarter than me, or at least more knowledgeable about a specific topic. Many of them are willing to share their experiences. What do I take from this? That those who are able to bring others together, who can incite them to share their experiences and see how they complement one another stand to gain. Gain what you ask? The collective power, the Groundswell, of talent that when moving in the same direction is an irrestible force.

That's the genius of an event like the Mash Up, and it is unique to a place like Evanston. In short- it's where the people are smarter than you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer 2011---> Getting Punk'd

Since yesterday was Labor/Labour Day, I didn't post.

I'm going to trust that most of the loyal readers of this blog decided to take the day. As the final holiday of the summer season I am always a little glum. Let me be clear that 'autumn' does not officially begin until the 21st of September. But here are some points, on the season that was:
Summer Waning

  • This year in particular, I feel like I sat out the summer. The arm issue didn't help matters. For those of you who don't know, I had a fracture in my upper humerus which kept me somewhat sidelined. Since I'm not the best patient- by any means- I did maintain an adequate schedule of activities.
  • I did manage to make it to several outdoor swims, albeit at my reduced pace. That's not too bad, considering the condition things where in on Memorial Day 2011.
  • Learned the value of doing more by doing somewhat less. This is a topic for many other posts, but sometimes you can actually do better by slowing down a little. That's provocative for sure.
Autumn is a lovely season for sure. Many nice days, ideal for activities like cycling etc. I intend to enjoy, and not pay too much attention to the shortening days and the sun that sinks ever perceptively into the southern sky. I take heart though, as even that has its limit.  Winter is no longer than Summer, but it does seem to linger like a nasty abscess.

Memorial Day 2012 is on the 28th of May. Mark your calendars!