Thursday, May 31, 2012

Green Garlic and Soba Noodles, The Joy Of

The soba noodle intrigues me — it's a visual and tactile experience.

I'd been looking for an opportunity for in-home experimentation, and happened across a crispy tofu, green garlic and soba noodle recipe from NYT's Martha Rose Shulman.

I enjoy finding recipes and bringing them to life. In general, people like to eat too. So it wasn't hard to find an eager audience on a Tuesday evening.

This dish was easy enough to prepare if you can do a bit of chopping. The key, as with many Asian dishes is to cook fast over high heat and served promptly.

Soba is served!
Here are a few points —  most subjective — from this amateur gastronome:
  • The recipe- NYT notes that if you can't locate soba noodles you can use brown rice or another hearty grain. I'd go to lengths to get the soba. Order them online if you must — they're essential to this dish.
  • Grape Seed Oil- Required to "wok" the tofu.
  • Wok- There's just no substitute for high-temp cooking.
  • Seasonal Green Garlic- it's here and gone in a flash — get going! The bulbs can be pink or purple hued.
  • Garlic Flavor- Subtle, earthy,  even a bit buttery.
  • Reviews? Rave!
I'd like to send Martha Rose a big bouquet of green garlic for sharing this special recipe!

Now, who'd like to sample more soba recipes?

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