Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It just dawned on me today that I'm a publisher. Yes, writing this blog that no one reads elevates me into the realm of publisher. And, I don't even have a 4 Times Square address.

Which takes me to my next topic of tweets. Not the kind birdies make techno-phobes, rather those nomenclated by Twitter.

Today, a blogger and columnist from Time, Peter Ha, started a wee uproar in certain circles by posting a tweet asking for information on the demise of another publication. Note: I work for said publication and while it is for sale it is by no means being shuttered. Or at least I'm not aware of any such plans.

So a couple of things:

- Mr Ha as a journalist- a tech writer no less- certainly know what happens when you post provacative tweets to @everyone.
- Either Mr Ha is incorrect, and will have egg on his face, or...........
- He's dead right, and receives due accolades for getting an accurate source and I'm out of a job.

Did I mention that Mr Ha is a former writer for said publication, and presently writes a column for a similarly storied media brand? Yes, I'm saying no one in old skewl media (the media that used to pay) is immune, nor is anyone in new skewl- as that media has never paid.

Just some thoughts. I guess that tweets don't yet move markets, but they do provoke crowdsourcing which kind of makes one a publisher by default.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Paris is Burning?

I really need to get more aggressive in blog posting. How will I ever develop a following?

Last Thursday I went to Shanghai Terrace with Smelts mates PH and CP. They are what we commonly call 'foodies', and as that label implies have refined palates, and dine well frequently. When PH revealed that he hadn't been to Shanghai, I leapt at the chance to docent.

So following a little swim at HIC we partook of a clear night on terrace:

From September 2009

We stared with a round of cocktails, and quickly settled into our starter course of Wagyu Beef, Kung Pao Scallops and Pike. All solid choices with complementary flavours:

From September 2009

Then on to main courses which we shared. I distinctly enjoyed the Pork Belly and Lake Perch- again all complementary flavours which we paired with a German white of some sort:

From September 2009

Following dinner we were all feeling the effects of the pleasant evening and had the urge to roam over to Nomi in the Park Hyatt. Nomi offers another exceptional experience and features an award winning menu. I am sure PC if he is reading this provide detail. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of Nomi is the view looking East down Chicago Avenue. With the light fixtures reflecting the buildings have a formidable, muscular yet uniform appearance. Very Chicago:

From September 2009

I am looking forward to making this a monthly outing with P and C, so you'll have to check this space frequently for updates.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Aren't we all at some point or another?

Actually this was the name of an art faire I visited this Sunday with EH. That is the Renegade Craft Fair in Ukie Village. Sponsored by Renegade Crafts, the faires held across the country bring artisans producing local goods direct to the tatooed masses. Those of you who actually read this blog might note the proprietor has quite a thing for good tats on good flesh.

In spite of a little hang over (mine), Sunday was a banner day in Chicago and managed to draw quite a crowd to Division Street:

While there was much to see, I am admittedly not feeling in a very acquisitive mood. So this was unadulterated commercial voyeurism for me. Now, recalling that hangover, EH and I decided the best course was to get a little 'Bloody with Mary' from the safety of the Milk and Honey Cafe:

We found our beverages to be refreshing and enjoyable. There is nothing to cure a headache like vodka and sodium. That said it was also a good chance to get caught up with EH and hear about developments with her business, Bella Flora. No site is yet available but stay tuned for developments.

Because this was a handcrafted crowd, you can be sure there were a few example of vintage pedals around:

Next Sunday is a cinematic experience, so make sure to check back for a post on that.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Modern Times

I am still posting about the MOMA adventure. Sunday last dawned bright and temperate in NYC. A lovely view of East 86th Street awaited:

From September 2009

It has been a number of years since I visited MOMA. Something like seven to be exact. So there was much to see. We began in the landscapes and furnishings section. I was pleased to see a Thonet rocker on display, and a very mod Braun toaster. Additionally there were many interesting renderings of landscapes:

From September 2009

The main exhibit was 'Project 90: Song Dong'. The artist's mother who lived through the Cultural Revolution of the 60's and 70's was a hoarder. I am told that residents of socialist societies- or for that matter any one who has known scarcity- is likely to be a hoarder. Our contemporary, supply chain managed, just-in-time, minimalist lifestyle would not be possible. Song's exhibit featured much of what his mum collected, and had stored in the little house whose frame you see depicted in the exhibit.

From September 2009

Yes, mummy had all that stuff in that house and managed to reside there as well. What to take from this? I think it's how we relate to our belongings, and what our 'stuff' means or comprises. For many of us, our stuff is an emotional construct. As depicted here 'stuff' is protection and sustenance. Am I getting too graduate semmianr-ey here?

MOMA has a good number of thought provoking pieces. One of my favs is this woman with a baguette on her head:

From September 2009

I enjoy looking at that piece, but really don't know how to 'critique'. Is that a simile for one of Marie Antionette's more elaborate bouffants?

All told MOMA was an enjoyable experience shared with a good friend. We enjoyed cocktails after, which made for a muchly enjoyable day.

From September 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Escape to Gotham

Yes, you read that correctly. I had to get out of town, as I was a little frazzled with my situation. Where to go to get 'away from it all'? why NYC of course!

I am fortunate enough to have a good friend with a room- yes a whole bedroom in NYC- for me. And let's just be clear here, when I say NYC I mean 'The City' as in Manhattan. Lest you should think I spent my time on Staten Island. Nothing against Staten Island, of course.

It was a short trip, but we managed to make it out of town (The City) and head up to Nyack State Park. A little hike brought us to the idyllic Rockland Lake:

From September 2009

It was lovely, and I managed a wee nap. On the return to the city, we managed a stop in Astoria to visit some Bulgarian shops. You may not realize it, but Sofia is alive and well in Astoria. Were I part of the Bulgarian diaspora, I am sure I would find comfort in these spots. A wee bit of home where they are able to make sausage and cheese pairing recommendations. From Hungarian salami to olives of all sorts, this was the place:

From September 2009

The next day took us to Moma and out for cocktails at a lovely spot called Luxembourg. I enjoyed a ginger bourbon concoction.

From September 2009

So much so that I went for round deux. Very tasty, and the bartender was accommodating and knowledgeable. I liked the cocktail and him muchly! Did I mention that Lux was full of eye candy (dudes) too? If I lived in the 'hood, I'd frequent this spot. We considered sampling some apps, but the desire for hot dogs was over powering. The siren song of encased meats!

Tomorrow I will do another post about the Moma visit, as that really warrants its own post. But I will leave you with this pic. I do like posing with sculptures:

From September 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dim Sum and Then Some

This past Sunday I had a brunch date with PC- a good friend- and the featured cuisine was Dim Sum. I have to admit that I've never had Dim Sum in Chicago, although there are numerous outlets. I am fond of Dim, so naturally I leapt at the suggestion.

We went to Furama (yes, there's a yelp review coming) on B'way in Uptown. The company was topnotch, and the Dim did not disappoint either. Upon entering we ventured into a vast room that was set-up to face a stage. There must be some sort of events that go on here. No sooner were we seated, than the trolleys of Dim Sum began to make their way to us.

From August 2009

And they kept coming, many trolleys just like the one pictured above. I left like a first time visitor to some asiatic market- where the mystery sheathed in miasma continuously unfolds before me. There was a definite cognitive dissonance. We sampled more offerings from more trolleys:

From August 2009

I used to work with PC- well actually for PC- and he has since gone on to run his proprietary ventures. One of them- a bar- is about to reopen following a fire. The fire was back in Feb, and he is now set to reopen in Sept. I am still hoping to catch a 'guest bartender' gig. We'll have to stay tuned on that.

Following our visit, it was off to BK's natal day party. While en route, I ran into a former fling. This fling in particular got me started down the road of digging the well put together, muscle-ey, fourty ish guys. I was reminded why, and were it not for BK's soiree...Anyway I was not about to dust BK on his natal day, afternoon delight or no.

When I arrived at BK's tiddy, well appointed abode, I was pleased to see he made a cake:

From August 2009

It was a lovely afternoon for a soiree, and we had it in the courtyard. A good number of smelts who I haven't seen for most of the summer dropped by, and we ended up staying until quite late:

From August 2009

All told it was a banner Sunday!